Stock Duplication

We provide stock duplicating for both the gunsmith and the hobbyist. Stock duplicating is a process in which we take a pattern stock and carve an exact copy of that stock into a stock blank. We do this with a Don Allen-style duplicator which is essentially a large pantograph that allows us to hold very close tolerances.

The benefit of stock duplicating over ordering a semi-inlet stock is two fold. First, you can make all the necessary changes to the pattern stock by adding Bondo or removing wood. If your barreled action is bedded into your pattern stock then your carved stock will have a perfect wood-to-metal fit. Secondly, you can pick out the exact piece of wood that you’d like instead of getting whatever someone else chooses to send you in a semi-inlet form.

The finished stock will have a rough finish that will need to be sanded or filed down by the customer (we leave an extra .040 of wood for this) and the inletting will need a little attention to get the metal to drop in. We believe in leaving a little extra material as opposed to not having enough.

We have several stock blanks available ranging from plain to exhibition grade. If you provide a stock blank, we will not be responsible for internal defects in the wood, though we’ll try to detect them before the stock is fully duplicated. We also have several patterns available, so if you’re building a rifle without a stock to create a pattern, give us a call to see if one is available. If you send your pattern in and would like us to make changes to it before duplicating (either the stock dimensions or to bed your barreled action into it) there will be an additional fee.

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