R&R Rifle Actions


MNR Custom is pleased to offer a pre-64 model 70 style action that’s precision machined out of solid 8620 billet and case hardened, our actions are both inherently accurate and incredibly strong.

shortactionThe double square bridges offer a variety of scope mounting options and also add to the overall aesthetics of the action.

With a controlled round feed extractor, integral bolt stub, and a three position safety, a Richardson & Roberts action is the obvious choice for a Dangerous Game Rifle.

With three different cartridge specific models available, a rifle can truly be built around a cartridge instead of making a cartridge fit into a one-size-fits-all action.

The bottom metal is a one-piece design with a straddle floor plate and Oberndorf style release.

The actions are available as a platform for your next rifle build with us or, as supply will allow, they may be purchased by themselves. Please call for pricing or for more details.

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