Gunsmithing Services


While building custom rifles is our primary focus, we are pleased to provide our customers with a wide range of gunsmithing services.

Hourly shop rate $85

Professional Clean
(Complete Disassembly, Clean/Oil, Safety Inspection)

Lever, bolt, single, and pump rifles $90
Pistols and revolvers $90
Auto loading rifles or shotguns $125
Double barrel rifles or shotguns $175
Barrel Work
Cut and crown $85
Thread, chamber, and crown
                  Model 70 Push Feed, Model 700, Model 77, Mauser 98, Savage $350
                  Model 70 (Pre 64+ Classic), Ruger #1, Springfield, Enfield $375
Set barrel back and re-cut the chamber $300
Install muzzle brake $135
Barrel fluting (6 flutes) $225
Action Work
Blue Print Action
True receiver face, lug seats, true bolt head and face, re-cut receiver threads concentric to bore, lap lugs, and surface grind recoil lug
Bend and shape Mauser bolt handle $150
Open bolt face and re-fit extractor $125
Install new bolt handle (cost does not include bolt handle) $175
Jewel bolt body $125
Sight Work
Drill and tap receiver $25 per hole
Cut dovetail in barrel $65
Solder on banded sight $hourly
Install scope/lap rings/bore sight $65
Sight in rifle $55 +ammo
Trigger Work
Bolt action rifle trigger job (stone trigger surfaces and set at desired pull) $130
Install Jewel or similar trigger $65
Action Job on Pistol or Revolver $150
Stock Work
We build complete custom stocks to order. Please call for a quote.
Duplication of a one piece stock $300
Duplication of a two piece stock $350
Install recoil pad $125
Install sling studs screw type $55
Install sling studs inletted type $125
Refinish stock
         Basic/hunter finish (unfilled pores with natural oil finish or lacquer finish) $400
         Deluxe finish (filled pores, rubbed natural oil finish) $700
Glass bedding of recoil lug area $100
Full bedding $225
Pillar bedding $250
Shotgun Work
Lengthen forcing cone (12 and 20 gauge) $100
Install screw in choke (12 and 20 gauge) $150
Open fixed choke $150
Drill and tap for bead (ribbed barrels) $35
Raise dent in barrel (cost does not include rebluing if required) $125
Rust bluing (cost does not include prep on guns in need of extra attention.) $400
Prep for bluing if required (for badly rusted or damaged guns) $85 /hr
Cerakote Rifle $250
Cerakote Pistol $200


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